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When there's no fiber available, no need to open up the street.

ANS has two solutions:

  1. An LightPointe solution based on laser beams
  2. An Alvarion solution based on radio links

LightPointe is the leader of Free Space Optics (FSO or Optical Wireless) with the HyBridge SXR-5 product line, an optical wireless system for data, voice and video transmission system. With over 8000 links deployed worldwide, LightPointe has more experience installing and servicing this equipment than any other Optical Wireless vendor. The LightPointe HyBridge SXR-5 systems provide the most comprehensive FSO wireless solutions, ranging from short to long distances and narrow to ultra-high bandwidth.

HyBridge SXR-5 provides ultra high bandwidth using a technology similar to that found in fiber optics communications, providing full-wire data rate using optical signals. In addition, the narrow and invisible laser beam makes it the most secure wireless solution, nearly impossible to intercept. HyBridge SXR-5 systems, without the need for right-of-way or government permits for installation, provide a license-free technology.

The HyBridge SXR-5 family provides cost-effective, high-speed wireless connectivity for a variety of applications, including Enterprise connectivity, Voice and Data, Video and Entertainment, Telco Bypass, Disaster Recovery, Surveillance and Government, Backhaul for wireless mesh. Whether you need narrowband voice and/or broadband data, the HyBridge SXR-5 provides scalable, wireless solutions at fiber speed.

Operating at data rates of 1.5 Mbps to 2.5 Gigabit speeds, HyBridge SXR-5 deployment is fast, without requiring right-of-way or government permits for installation, providing you with flexible high bandwidth and secure communication. The HyBridge SXR-5 family of products can provide service providers or enterprises with the data rate, performance and reliability needed in a communications network.


The second wireless solution is the radio link of Alvarion. As a wireless broadband pioneer, Alvarion has been delivering innovative solutions for 15 years, promoting industry standards and playing a key role in IEEE and HiperMAN.

In this radio link we have the point-to-point and the point-to-multipoint solution.