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Sunbird Power IQ

Power IQ is a secured and centralized solution for the power management.

It manages any number of Raritan's Dominion PX and third-party rack PDU's. The system is open database compliant (ODBC) and can be integrated with your current reporting system.

Its data collection and managing capabilities, used in combination with rack PDU's help IT and facilities managers :

With Power IQ and the collected data, you will be more effictive in power capacity management and efficient in energy consumption.

  • Generate energy cost reports for customers
  • Baseline and certifiy changes in energy and carbon footprint
  • Simplify centralized Dominion PX management with bulk configuration and firmware management
  • Create trending reports so you can easily see usage trends.
  • Collect data from servers and other peripherals on outlet level (volt, amps, kVA, kW, kWh).
  • Generate graphics with collected data.