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Command Center

Thanks to this solution you will have a centralized access to all your equipments from a sole user interface and IP adress. No more need to know the IP adresses of all your equipments.

After identifying yourself once, you will visualize all the equipments that you're authorized to access.

Next to the integration of the Dominion KX, SX, KSX and PX, you can also integrate every equipment that is accessible via a browser, via Telnet, via SSH, via RDP and via VNC. For instance : IP cam, Print Server, etc..

You can also integrate your servers with RIB (Remote In-Board) cards like ILO (HP), RSA II (IBM), DRAC4 (Dell).

All this equipment can be sorted however you like with as many criteria that you want (for instance : localisation, type, application, rack number, person responsible, etc..)

This command center es equipped with redundant power supplies, two redundant gigabit accesses and disks in mirroring. A cluster of two Command Centers is also possible.

You can print out lots of reports automatically as : who accessed wich equipment and when.

An local authentification or centralized via LDAP, Radius, Active Directory. Permission by port.

For each equipment you wilL see the different ways to access it. For instance for a HP server you'll see you can access it through the ILO card, through the Dominion KX, Telnet or SSH. You'll see that you can control the power through the ILO card and through the Dominion PX.